Coats, cats, and college kids: Warmth in winter weather

Humans and lynx in their winter coats, angsty about the coming winter cold The fall has tumbled inexorably into the winter season in the northern hemisphere. While winter has different relative meanings, ranging from the frigid subzero winds of thearctic to the mild 45 degree sweater weather of North Carolina, all of the resident mammal... Continue Reading →

Sharks and street sermons: Cueing on the schooling behavior of students

Schooling is a behavior common in fish where individuals of the same species engage in a collective movement pattern. Much of this movement is based around the immediate avoidance of a localized threat but it can also be generated towards aggregation around a resource. When a potential predator moves through a collection of schooling fish,... Continue Reading →

Who watches the Watchers?

Apparently, many people. I was recently thinking about this when observing the cues the public took in relation to police activity during the fall events hosted on Fayetteville Street. The difference was most clear to me in the back to back weekends of Bike Weekend and the Bluegrass Festival. At 11pm during Bike Weekend, focused... Continue Reading →

Board grinds and spider dances

Wolfpack plaza presents an interesting case study in skateboarder priorities here at NC State. Resource selection theory would suggest they would gather at a place with a smoother, more skateboard friendly surface, more terrain variety, or less obstructing pedestrian traffic. Unless one of these factors is not a detriment but rather a highly desired attribute.

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